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Explore into unknown | Reduce future uncetainty


Reduce uncertainty by determining what is coming your way

Horizon Scanning

Increase your agility & responsiveness to change.

Get a head-start in understanding the future and its impact on your organisation.

Detect new signals, change-factors and trends and prepare your organisation for change. The first step in future preparedness is to explore and describe the driving forces affecting the tourism sector and to determine their inter-relationships. The participative horizon scanning process provides information and analysis on the main potential threats, risks, emerging issues and opportunities to help you determine their importance for your organisation.  

Undertaking horizon scanning allows you...

  • to increase your agility, responsiveness and therefore your resilience to change and

  • to stay competitive in the dynamic tourism environment.

  • a list of trends and change factors that the client’s business should monitor 

  • fact sheets for the main change-factors 

  • participative identification of change factors relevant to your business

  • early identification of opportunities or challenges

  • decisions on whether to act on, to prepare for or to ignore trends and change factors.

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