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As a Professor of Tourism and an expert in foresight methods, I blend my knowledge of tourism and my skills in foresight into the tourism foresight process. 

I draw on your in-depth knowledge of your organisation and its business environment to 

  • explore which change factors are the most important for your organisation,

  • imagine future scenarios and a desirable future, 

  • design appropriate strategies based on these scenarios and 

  • implement these strategies.

The typical tourism foresight process involves all the above four steps, but you may also take a modular approach and take each step at a time to determine whether this process is suitable for you and your organisation. 


 Detect new signals, change-factors and trends to be ahead of the game.


Envision possible as
well as desirable
futures to test your current strategies.


Develop future-proof strategies and prepare for change before it affects you.


Implement the strategies and become a forward-thinking organisation.

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