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Envision possible as well as desirable futures to test your current strategies.

Scenarios allow you to analyse the implications of change for your organisation.

Scenario Development 

What could happen in the future and how would it affect my organisation?

It is difficult to accurately predict what economic, political, technological and social conditions will be like in the next few years and virtually impossible to predict the factors driving change in the medium to longer term.  In addition, different people can have different understandings of the challenges, desired actions, outcomes and opportunities and objectives leading to different interpretations of the importance of individual or interlinked/connected change factors. 

The development of possible scenarios of the future allows you to explore possible scenarios as well as their implications and should inform long-term strategic management. 

  • a set of four scenarios specifically
    developed for your organisation 

  • a common understanding of the implications of change factors 

  • a basis for long-term strategy development 

Developing a desirable future

What is your organisation’s preferred future?

Every organisation can take an active role in building its future. By defining a desirable future, you set the future you want to see for your organisation. You then plan backwards to the actions that need to be taken in order to reach the desirable future (backcasting). By focussing on a desirable future, backcasting breaks with our fixation with extrapolating the present into the future and allows for a disruption of current ways of thinking and doing. 

  •  vision of the desirable future

  • shared vision of a preferred future for the organisation developed in a participative process

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